Ranking of “PERRY MASON” Season One (2020) Episodes

Below is my ranking of the Season One episodes from the HBO series, “PERRY MASON”. Based upon the characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner and created by Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald; the series stars Matthew Rhys in the title role:


1. (1.07) “Chapter Seven” – Evangelist Sister Alice McKeegan’s bitter past with her mother is revealed in flashbacks. Meanwhile, attorney Perry Mason links conspirators and financial motive to those involved with Sister Alice’s church and the kidnappers of the infant Charlie Dodson before the trial is interrupted.

2. (1.02) “Chapter Two” – Following one of her sermons, Sister Alice offers the Dodsons, who are suspected by the police for being involved in the death of their son Charlie, the church’s full moral and financial support. Los Angeles Police Department beat cop Paul Drake discovers how Charlie’s kidnappers may have been killed.

3. (1.04) “Chapter Four” – Mason and detective Pete Strickland lean on city morgue assistant Virgil Sheets to help them re-examine the body of kidnapper George Gannon. District Attorney Maynard Barnes threatens to expose Emily Dodson’s attorney and Mason’s boss “E.B.” Jonathan past acts of larceny if the latter does not drop the case.

4. (1.01) “Chapter One” – When kidnap victim Charlie Dodson is found dead on New Year’s Eve 1931, the L.A.P.D. suspect his parents of plotting the kidnapping to raise money. The Dodsons hire Jonathan to defend them, and he hires Mason as his personal detective to investigate the crime.

5. (1.06) “Chapter Six” – Mason, newly sworn in as an attorney, has difficulties functioning in court, especially after new details regarding the Dodson case are revealed.

6. (1.08) “Chapter Eight” – In the season finale, legal assistant Della Street convinces Mason to put Emily Dodson on the stand. Also; Mason, Strickland, Della, and Drake (now working for Mason) attempt to tie up loose ends as the trial comes to a close.

7. (1.03) “Chapter Three” – Maynard takes Jonathan by surprise with new developments regarding Mrs. Dodson. Mason and Strickland get unauthorized access to physical evidence with Sheets’ help. Mason tries and fails to extract information from Officer Drake about the latter’s discoveries regarding the kidnappers’ bodies.

8. (1.05) “Chapter Five” – Mason and Della travel north to the San Francisco area following a tragedy. There, Mason visits his ex-wife and son. Also, Della sets out to find Mrs. Dodson more capable legal representation.


Five Favorite “EUREKA” Season One (2006) Episodes

Below is a list of my favorite episodes from Season One of the Syfy Channel series, “EUREKA”. Created by Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia, the series starred Colin Ferguson:


1 - 1.03 Before I Forget

1. (1.03) “Before I Forget” – Occurrences of short-term memory loss begin afflicting the citizens of Eureka, when visiting scientists arrive in town, forcing Sheriff Jack Carter and Dr. Henry Deacon to determine the cause behind the phenomenon. Tamlyn Tomita and Andrew Airlie guest-starred.

2 - 1.12 Once in a Lifetime

2. (1.12) “Once in a Lifetime” – After another lab accident Jack wakens to a Eureka set in an alternate future. Tamlyn Tomita guest-starred.

3 - 1.08 Right As Raynes

3. (1.08) “Right As Raynes” – Odd fluctuations in computer-controlled environments may have something to do with the return of a former Eureka citizen, a computer programmer named Callister Raynes, who has past connections with Global Dynamics CEO Nathan Stark and Deputy Sheriff Jo Lupo. David Paetkau guest-starred.

4 - 1.01 Pilot

4. (1.01) “Pilot” – After a strange accident sidelines Eureka’s sheriff, Jack, then a U.S. Marshal, takes over the investigation into the mysterious phenomenon that led to a resident’s death, while traveling through town with his teenage daughter Zoe. Maury Chaykin, Rob LaBelle and Greg Germann guest-starred.

5 - 1.11 H.O.U.S.E. Rules

5. (1.11) “H.O.U.S.E. Rules” – Following Henry’s decision to leave Eureka and Jack considering to do the same; S.A.R.A.H., the artificial intelligence (A.I.) for the latter’s home, traps Carter, Henry, and others in order to protect Eureka from being abandoned by many.

Observations About “TIMELESS” (1.01) “Pilot”

In an impulsive move, I decided to do a re-watch of the first episode of “TIMELESS”, (1.01) “Pilot”.  And I noticed a few interesting things:



1.  The mother of historian Lucy Preston, was a seriously ill and bedridden patient when the series began. Rogue NSA Agent Garcia Flynn’s changes to the timeline not only improved Carolyn Preston’s life, but also produced a currently active soldier for the terrorist organization called Rittenhouse. Talk about irony.



2.  There was an interesting scene between Mason Industries founder Connor Mason and Homeland Security Agent Denise Christopher, in which the latter chastised the former for creating a time machine behind the U.S. government’s back. Mason had called in the government after the newer time machine was stolen by Garcia Flynn. I had no idea that Agent Christopher and Mason had clashed before the Season Two episode, (2.02) “The Darlington 500″. Unfortunately, the series’ cancellation made it impossible for any future clashes between the two.



3.  Delta Force operative Wyatt Logan had been heavily drinking when he was first summoned to Mason Industries for the first time. His wife Jessica had been dead for at least four to five years at the time, which means he was still in a state of grief.



4.  Another example of Wyatt’s continuing grief over Jessica was his instant attraction to fictional journalist, Kate Drummond, who strongly reminded him of his late wife.  In fact, this led Wyatt to attempt to save her from the Hindenburg’s original crash and save her from the revised crash, even though she was originally destined to die.



5.  This was a rather interesting scene to me. One, I noticed that Mason Industries programming engineer Rufus Carlin was kept in a separate cell from Lucy and Wyatt in order to maintain the racial status quo in 1937 New Jersey. I also found the scene both funny, thanks to Rufus’ insults to the cop; and scary at the same time. Instead of rushing toward the cell to hurt Rufus, the cop deliberately left the cell room and returned with a fellow cop with the intent to beat Rufus with batons (probably to death), while Wyatt was having difficulty unlocking the cells with the underwire of Lucy’s bra.



6.  This episode also introduced Flynn’s possession of Lucy’s diary. To this day, I have always wondered how he managed to acquire it, if the time machines cannot travel to the future. Or can they? The page featured in the image above hint the team and Flynn’s activities in the episode, (1.08) “Space Race”.



7.  I was surprised that Lucy and Flynn had their first meeting so soon in the series.  What is interesting is that Flynn displayed no hostility toward her.  Instead, he told her about the diary and his personal knowledge of her.  He also revealed his knowledge of Lucy’s aspirations to follow in Carolyn’s footsteps, warning her that would be a bad idea.  This last remark struck me as a foreshadow of the Season One finale’s revelation of Carolyn as a Rittenhouse agent.



8.  This episode also revealed that Mason, had instructed Rufus to record the team’s mission and to continue doing so in the future.  This made me realize that Rittenhouse had been interested in Mason’s time machine from the beginning and foreshadowed the organization’s use of the newer time machine in Season Two.



9.  For a long time, I have wondered why Flynn wanted to prevent the Hindenburg from crashing the first time.  But when I noticed that he had planted a bomb on the airship before it was due to return to Germany, I eventually speculated that he had discovered someone connected to Rittenhouse was scheduled to travel on that return journey.